Summer speaks, Kate whines

because it's Thursday Summer is over at Erotic Muses. Pure promo this week. I like last Thursday's post, even though we never did get a full 13 good euphemisms for vajayjay.

I can't seem to work--all I want to do is sip tea and moan. I'm surrounded by a jumbo box's worth of used Kleenex. OmiGOD, I hate colds. They are unpleasant and undignified. My nose has gone rabbit. I sound disgusting. And, jeez, I am not sick enough to make anyone actually feel sorry for me (other than me, but that's SOP). I mean, it's just a rhinovirus.

Here's a warning: don't lick your computer screen when you're on this site, because I swear it's a hell of a cold and probably that contagious. Don't lick it anyway because that's pervy, yet not interesting enough to be a new twist in smut

(speaking of which, I'm ready for a new twist because I am almost as sick of BDSM and spanking and the Hershey highway as I am of this cold. So maybe screen licking would be a good idea after all. Because the dabbling with bestiality with shapeshifters? the hemipeni lizard heroes? The knotting werewolves? No. No. NO. No. Makes me sorry about the dragon, guys.)


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