a question for readers

Are you more likely to write notes to authors about their free reads? Because I've gotten four this week and that's four more than I've gotten about any book for a while.

Tomorrow I will put up another free read. I only get one chapter. The fun part of this one? The basic plot was drawn up by someone else. Ms. Tumperkin is the director.

I liked this system. Feels like the best part of a reading exercise. Now I'm convinced that the best of all possible careers for me would be as a cog in a huge novel-writing machine, where I get handed an assignment ("this story will include three dogs, five mentions of corned beef hash and a ride in an airplane") and told to follow directions. I would have been a happy harlequin writer back in the days when they didn't let you have your own name.


  1. It's "tomorrow" already, why haven't you posted your chapter?? lol

    As for writing to authors...honestly? I never think to write to them. About anything. I don't know why..I'm sure they wouldn't mind if I did (for the most part) but I guess it seems kind of presumptuous on my part. Are you saying I Should write to authors?

  2. If they're asked for, yep, I'll drop a note. It's sort of a bummer when you don't even get a "thanks!" back, though.

    I've also been known to send thank-you notes -- real, actual letters, written with a pen -- when I've won books via online contests.

    I take it from the "do unto others" approach, but that's me. Not everyone has the time or inclination to do so.

  3. Holly, naw, I love getting letters and so does every author I know but I don't think anyone owes us anything. Not a word.

    Maybe because the book is free people feel like they owe me something? I don't feel like they did. I asked for download notes, but that was just to keep track of how many went out. The follow-up notes are lovely though.

    Susan, you're great....only now I feel horrible about not writing back. Oh, oops.


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