it's SBD and what are you reading?

I miss Suisan and her rants. I want to read other people's rants. And I want to buy books, but, no. No escapist fluff for you, old lady, it's all about other people this time of year, right? hey? Don't want to be overly hypocritical.

What do I get an 11-year-old who loves Guinness Book of World Records but has it? The little rat fink found his main present. Grrr.

Here's what I'm reading at the mo: Nothing much. Finished The Daily Coyote book by Shreve Stockton. It wasn't what I expected because Shreve wasn't the sort of person I'd pegged her as and neither is Mike/MC. Eli and Charlie were exactly what I thought they'd be. Love that Eli. I wouldn't have minded more of the cat.

I'm envious of Shreve's ability? urge? to take big chances....or maybe, because I couldn't use that restlessness in my life...I want her ability to love wide-open spaces. They usually make me feel like a rabbit exposed to a sky of hawks. But heck, reading her joy in that stuff (and seeing the pictures) is pretty good second hand living. She's good at translating that part of her life. I think the book could have used more editing, but that's fast track life these days. Not a lot of time to settle and stew before you get pushed off the front page. Yesterday's sensation. Got to get that out there before you lose your audience to the next big thing.


  1. Is the Daily Coyote book out already? I thought I pre-ordered it, must go check.

    I've got a post brewing about reader expectations in terms of multiple book story arcs, specifically about Brockmann's next book.

    Otherwise, not much going on. Just finished reading Josh Lanyon's Adrien English series. Pretty good.

    For the kid who likes the Guiness Book, how about The Onion's equivalent? Our Big World or something like that.

  2. Perfect suggestion--unfortunately TOO perfect. We already got that and he's re-re-reading it.

    I'm sort of afraid his grip on facts isn't really strong enough to withstand repeated Onion readings. Boy's gonna grow up with some funky ideas about the world.

    I wonder what you'll think of Daily Coyote. Let us know. WHen I think about it more, it isn't that Shreve was some kind of wholly different person, or even MC (since he's a shadowy type on the blog) was not what I'd expected, it was the two of them together, their interactions (or her interpretations of them) that I found surprising.

  3. hey look! I'm not myself this morning. Huh.

  4. Oh, didn't realize the book is out. I've had the website on my RSS feed for quite a while - love the daily pics. Have to order the book.

    I haven't read anything in over a week that I managed to finish :( I read Taking Tara, an EC release, and enjoyed it much. I'm in a Fantasy mindset though, and having trouble finding the right mix of adventure, romance, and elves to make me happy.

  5. Hmm . . . just finished the second Dexter novel, which wasn't bad (better than the current season of TV Dexter, tho that's not saying much). Now I'm reading Practical Demonkeeping. Yup, finally got around to it. It's great.

  6. For your boy, I recommend Ripley's Believe It or Not! Totally Bizarre, ISBN #978-1-893951-30-3, $17.99 retail. It is the quintessential kid book, and every one I've given it to has reported back that they read the entire thing and passed it around to their friends -- and weren't lying. :)

  7. Ember, have you tried Esri Rose? I dont' know her books, but she's funny and she does the elves.

    Doug, aha. WE HAVE THAT BOOK AND I'VE NEVER READ IT! Phew. Thanks now I can get away with not buying something for me and yet not feeling the selfpity thing. Did you finish the Dexter book? It's the third one that made me go eh? I wonder if it'll do the same for you.

    Thanks Lynne..I suspect we have that but if we don't it is perfect, of course.

  8. Another vote for Ripley's if you don't have it!

    There's also a book called Oh, Yuck! the Encyclopedia of Everything Nasty. If he likes that kind of thing.

    And a Guinness-like annual called The Top 10 of Everything. Also quite popular.

    Good luck!


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