curmugeon recalls lost skills

I was watching a kid edit video and remembered back in the day of Super 8 or 16mm. Catchunk, thump. Cutting the film, splicing the film. That's what they did when I was a student in the dark ages.

I started a list of jobs that have basically been transformed in my working adult lifetime. You know what I mean--the people who spent years perfecting their X-acto knife skills for layout stuff that's now done with a click of a mouse. My half-assed list includes:
film editors.
Actually anyone who does anything with movies, except maybe the actors
magazine/newspaper/book layout people
copy press operators (I remember Cathy at Gnomon copy doing calculations on paper for god's sake)
computer operators
Ummmmm. Okay.

And now I'm going to go look for some Kleenex and admire the snowfall. Coming down like crazee. Has to be more than an inch an hour.


  1. Anonymous11:44 PM


  2. Oh yeah.
    DUH. major duh.

  3. librarians
    --and anyone who does anything with research

  4. Doctors. Seriously. It's a whole different world, what with coding and all the other paperwork most docs do. Now that I'm in the EMR world (electronic medical records), it's yet another major shift in how I do my job.

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