Format Vanishes

The Kindle version of The Rat Catcher is no longer available. I know, because I took it down. The formatting was all screwy--random double indentation. I spent a little while playing with it, but couldn't figure out what I'd done wrong, even after reading all sorts of boards and FAQ.

Also gone: the Kindle version of The Italian Gourmet-Baby-Food Baron’s Ironically Pregnant Virgin Mistress. The cover wouldn't translate into Kindlese and some of the authors were hesitant about charging when it was free elsewhere. (Amazon made us charge at least 99 cents)

I still think this Kindle thing is the wave of the reading/publishing future. Now I think that particular future's a little farther (further?) ahead in the timeline. Not this week. Or last week, or whatever.


  1. The wave of the future - I should be able to think of something profound to say about that expression, unfortunately I have the flu and my head feels like it's been stuffed like a cabbage.

    Happy Holidays!


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