I swear I'm just going to spend today lying in bed wearing these comfy fleecy pants things that my neighbor dumped for the Bosnians and I'm keeping. Because I am in a whiny snit again. And don't even bother to kvetch about my whining, anonymous. Just close the door quietly and keep your eye rolling to yourself.


I've done what I was supposed to. Lost weight, adjusted diet, added this, subtracted that and my stomach still hates me. So now I'm regressing to someone who's about four years old and saying unfair! it's unfair! I held up my end of the bargain! [Didn't your four-year-olds talk like that? Mine sure did.]

And I write books, taking my time being careful---okay, careful-ish--and where are the gazillions of sales?

I follow the rules and still don't win the stuffed pink monkey? That's worth at least a two-hour snit, right? I'll count my blessings later, but don't expect a post about that.

For one thing I have to go to the dentist for a twice annual visit and write a bunch of words. I won't stop following the rules unless someone gives me a reason. Come on Binky the Clown, give me something good.


  1. hmmm, one of *them* type days I see. I blame the weather, always puts me in a snit and makes me pretty much hate the world. Drink some coffee, enjoy the loungy pants (and hey! share will ya, they sound comfy!) Everyone is allowed to have a good wallow day!

  2. actually, less than a half hour later, I feel better. whining helps, and so does rescheduling the dentist appointment (as commanded by the stomach) and not being yelled at by the receptionist.

    Ah, the little things in life...Like shirking responsibility.

  3. Oh, i feel the same way most days. My weight is up, my book sales are the same (one, and not counting), and bleh.

    Glad to know, however, that I am not alone.

  4. ah but you should be patting yourself on the back for running and not having it feel to crappy. Go Megan, GO!

  5. Hey, maybe I should blog about MY stomach, too! Whining is contagious.

    Two thoughts from the doc: GERD, which doesn't always manifest as heartburn, and food intolerance/allergy, which can arise later in life. I have both.

    Don't miss my Dec 1 post at B&W. I mentioned you by name so if you saw it, I'm sure you would have commented :)

  6. Uh oh, Doug!
    I tried to visit BndW but it's being cantankerous. You've exceeded your CPUs.


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