waiting in line, two gay guys were discussing the eternal crackers in bed question.

first guy: I wouldn't kick Jon Stewart out. Or Gerard Butler.
second guy: They are NOT in the same league. Are you kidding me? Stewart? Butler? No fucking way.
FG: Yeah, yeah. Stewart all the way. Brains win.
SG: Fuck, yeah.
me (quietly): Jamie Oliver?
SG: You mean John Oliver?
me: Oops, right.
SG: Fuck, yeah.
FG: Of course! That accent! Now Rob Riggle--
SG: No goddamn way. He's acts like an asshole. You know some of that's got to be real.
FG: Well built asshole.
SG: Shit, anyway, you know what you're like. John Hodgman.
FG: Come on. Jason Jones.
SG: Hodgman. In those stupid ads.
me: Hey Hodgman's okay. He's funny. That's important.
SG: to you two maybe.
Starbucks lady: Don't forget Aasif Mandvi. Can I help you?
SG: Aasif Mandvi. Hell, yeah. Two grande lattes, please.
FG: Mandvi for the win.


  1. Aasif's totally hot.

  2. Does it mean anything that I don't know who any of these people are? Other than Jamie Oliver, I mean?

    Hah, my verification word is 'floop'.

  3. Aasif's hot, but John Hodgman's PC bit kills me.

  4. dean, dean, dean. They're all from the Daily Show.
    And people can no longer use the excuse that they don't have cable so can't watch them. Full shows are on

    I think.

  5. *sigh* no hulu in Canada. And I was just now finally looking for Amy Poehler's Sarah Palin rap. Too late, alas.

    I mean it's good she didn't WIN, and all. I guess I just want everything.


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