Summer and Kate

1. Summer's release next month got its first review. It's a good one, too. Yay! This is an anthology with Charlene Teglia and Shannon Stacey. It really is fun being in a book with a couple of people I sort of feel like I know. I've even actually met (and embarrassed) Shan. We can send each other did you see that? notes and make obscene comments about the cover. We haven't done that second thing.....but we could if we wanted to.

2. And Kate. Sad, sad Kate. I started messing around at Lulu and got myself an ISBN. Delusional. It starts with an ISBN and any day now I'll be peddling it door to door. At least the book there is less than $14 now. Only 11 dollah seventy cents. So now you can buy The Rat Catcher from Mr. Lulu, buy it for your Kindle for $2.40. Or you can get it free at the link on the upper right of this page.

Here's a review from someone (who didn't say I could post her note, but then again, she didn't say I couldn't. I'll leave off her name and hope that's enough to keep me out of trouble):

It's a lovely story, very funny and sweet. The scene where Callie is reluctantly translating fragments of the French book to Cutter is hilarious. The dialogues between Callie and Cutter are beautifully done. Their conversations and reactions to each other and their internal monologues reflect their personalities and characters so well, and their words come across very true and genuine. Callie despite her naivety is such a spunky, independent-minded heroine and Cutter is a true knight in shining armour.

I wonder if I can pay her to post that on Amazon. Or somewhere.


  1. What, I don't get any of the notes? *sniff* I'll start it: "What's that L over in Lover?"

    I love that cover. I really do.


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