Maybe not a good idea?

but after a couple of requests, I put the Rat Catcher up in print. Trouble is, the thing costs $14...POD isn't cheap and it's a big ol' novel. That's not even close to free, and the book is supposed to be a gift. I might buy a couple myself and give them away. I don't think I'll send out a lot of announcements because by golly, I'm not a publisher and self-published books are NOT what I want for my future. In fact, I wonder if it looks bad to have that puppy out there?

Right now it's in the public area at lulu, but maybe I should take it to private. Because after all, Image is Everything.

Hey, stop giggling, you schlemiel.


  1. Yikes, it's a shame it's so expensive :( Sorry to hear that. Sounded neat though.

  2. I'm going to see if I find a way to make it cheaper. I thought POD was getting less expensive all the time but apparently I was wrong.

    There is a way for booksellers to buy this for $5 off, I think. Not that I'm telling you that for any particular reason.

  3. LOL! Duly noted, I shall check into it *G*


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