ta da! book release day

Summer is in this anthology (that dragon story over on the right) and the paper version is up at Amazon.
or if you want to go to the publisher, here.


  1. That cover for the print antho is gorgeous! Congrats and many happy sales to ya.

  2. Gorgeous cover!!!


  3. I'm really intrigued by the way you talk about Summer, Kate. Like she's not you. Do you actually have the real Summer Devon locked up in your garden shed?

    It is a nice cover.

  4. Thanks Bonnie and Sam. I like Sammy's covers and I especially like the current trend in ebook covers. Thank the gods above that posers are over and done.

    And Tumperkin, here's the truly sad part: I compete with Summer all the time and the bitch beats me.

  5. Yay Summer! Nice cover. Love the dragon tattoo.

  6. Ok, Kate, close your eyes. Take deep breaths and say it with me: 'I am Summer and I deserve Summer's success; I am Summer and I deserve Summer's success'.

    Repeat those words in between each breath. When I tell you to open your eyes you will wake up feeling peaceful and brimming over with creative energy.

    Open your eyes.

    Now get in the garden shed and finish writing that goddamn terrapin-soup-orgy-scene!


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