a list of stuff

1. Hey, I like the BOBs, Corn Dog! (see comments in previous thread if you wonder what the hell I'm talking about.) I've even voted in them previous years.** In fact, you should be up for one. And so should doug and elsewhere and hula doula and bettie and tumperkin and sam and everyone else I read and admire.

If I had any gumption, I'd go nominate you all (okay, maybe I won't nominate you, CD, after the comment, though I do think you should get some kind of this is a Great Blog award).

2. Today I'm over at Hitting the Hotspot, inventing love holidays. I was inspired by today, which, as you know, is Steak and Blowjob day
Oh, 3.14...it's also Pi day! Happy pi day!

I'm rather smitten with my November 14 idea and might make up some cards for it. The October plan has the potential for even sicker and sadder results than Festivus.

3. Yes, the evidence is in. After getting a BOB nomination and a really nice letter from an editor, Kate is now strutting around like a rooster. Cocky, confident, and able to ignore the sore throat.

4. Only one boy is home today, btw. He's still asleep. Shhhhh. Fever-free and relatively perky for more than 24 hours, the other two were shoved off into the world to spread germs.

5. Megan, my kids say there's less violence in Supersmash Bros than in a roadrunner cartoon and it's even more abstract. I watched it for a while and the music got on my last nerve after a few minutes and it gave me a headache....but everything did yesterday. Otherwise, it looked like a pretty cool game. Seemed complex, though.

**or at least I think I did. Wasn't there a cute lil button with a rectangle head? I'm not seeing it over that page, but I'm not going to look too hard. I do have a life, after all.


  1. Thanks, Kate!

    Congrats on the nomination too, btw.

  2. Oops. Sorry. Can I please stoopiduty. Congrats.

  3. Congrats Kate!

    I once got an e-mail saying I'd been given a blogger "blogs of note" spot in 2007, but I never found the mention on the BON page...so figured it was a joke. *sniffle* meanie bastards.

    Hope you win.


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