waily waily waily***

I have a new agent and she's a new agent--as in her agency hasn't sold a book, yet, but she's been in the business for a while elsewhere so it's not like she's brand new. Okay, I sent back the contract and we're getting started with our business of being agent and writer. I was fine with that.

But then one of my dream agents wrote back at last and said, oops, yeah, I'm interested in representing you. Sorry I took so long to respond.

Dream agent. A woman I've admired for years.

Friends have said dump the newbie! Go with the dream agent! Nope, not gonna. I signed a contract. But I'm going to say waily waily waily a bit and crivens. And if this newbie doesn't sell in a few months.....then.... then....

I'll hang around a few more months. This is publishing for god's sake. No one moves fast until everything moves all at once.

ach, damn.

And then I'll remind myself that not so long ago I was in despair of ever selling a manuscript or getting another agent and I say STFU, Rothwell. If I read this very blog entry by some other writer a few months ago, make that last month-- all "oh, dearie me! I have too many people longing for me!" -- I'd want to draw up a contract all right, but it wouldn't be anything legal.


***The boys are listening to a Terry Pratchett/Tiffany Aching book and Stephen Briggs does a fantastic nac mac feegle.


  1. Feel awesome that agents are all wanting you. Maybe they'll even break out into a fight for your devotions. There's a daydream that'll carry me for a while.

    Besides, Newbie will be hungry and more keen to get herself the experience, where Dreamy may be a bit comfortable in her position? I think sticking with your current plan is best.

  2. That is AWESOME news!!!
    Congrats! I'm sure the newbie agent will be terrific - and she'll be gung-ho and ready for sales. (I had a newbie agent too once, and she was nice. I still e-mail her once in a while, lol. She dropped me because she decided only to do Latino chick lit - how niche is that??)
    And I hope the tooth holds. Mine has held for four years now. Wow!

  3. Congrats on the agent! Everything will be good. Friend of mine has a "new" agent (opened in the last couple of years) -- just sold in a three-book deal.

  4. Woo and a big freakin' HOO to Miss Kate, with all the industry-types circling 'round her like...like...four-year-olds eyeing the last Oreo.

    Or something.


  5. Suppose your newbie would like me?

    yeah, yeah, I haven't forgotten what you said about querying MORE than one at a time. Ah, but the anguish this way is so much more prolonged!

  6. Congratulations. And good for you for sticking with the newbie. I would do the same thing. The newbie recognized your quality and jumped on your stuff right off, and that's worth a lot.

  7. WOOOO HOOOO. You are a wanted woman. You go Kate. I'm so happy for you.


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