coughing headachy feverish snarling

sick boyz as far as the eye can see. Yesterday I had two sickies, today all of them were home. Only one has stomachy stuff on top of the other symptoms and he seems able to cope on his own, for the first time.

The trouble is that after the Advil kicks in, they can move around far too easily. And they believed they're entitled to get to Do Things. Having a fever, they explain, means they're truly sick, not just staying home from school to be lazy. If they're capable of moving, they should be allowed to play on the wii all day.

Since there were three of them home from school and only one of me (feverish, snarling, sore throaty and headachy), they win. The wii is on.

And the rumors are true, I hear. Super Smash brothers is teh boss. The boys have been waiting for it since 2003, seriously, that's what they told me.

It's a brand new game and if we had those old fashioned thermometers, I'd be suspicious. . . As it was, when I took temps, I stood over them and watched and waited and grabbed the thermometer and . . .well. Okay. A day off for all. I sure wouldn't want to go to work feeling like this bucket of shite.

But, next time? Tomorrow? I hide the Advil and we'll all stay in bed and sleep.

We all got Real Flu once when they were little (today's featured disease is more like a bad cold). Mike was out of town. It wasn't a lot of work for me because they were too sick to play and none of us wanted to eat much. The four of us lay in the king sized bed together for a couple of days. A vague memory, friendly, despite the discomfort. We listened to books on tape because it hurt our eyes to watch television. Four lumps of mutual misery. If I'd been awake and alert, I think I'd have been worried about them but at the time I was just grateful they didn't want to move.

We tried some in bed togetherness at one point today. Umm. No, they're too big so we don't fit and no one agreed on what to watch on the tube. And the perkiest one drove the rest of us nutz as usual.

Back to the wii, then.


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  2. Kate:

    My eight year-old REALLY wants this (and his grandmother has bought it); can you ask your boyz if it's appropriate for his age? He's good with violence and all, but it's rated T for Teen.

  3. Bill, ya dweeb. Did ya even read the post? She's sick. AND this is NOT a lower profile blogger. SHEESH. May spam fill up you in box at AOL the way you have dumped yours here. Amen.


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