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I've been getting worse with crowds and I decided the best thing to do is to avoid passive audience events. Time to get out and actually do things with other people. Running! Running with peeps! So I signed up to train for a 5K and today was our first meeting. Sixty people showed up, big surprise for the organizers who were thinking maybe twenty at most. Almost all women--apparently we women don't like to exercise alone.

We were divided into three groups: all running, running and walking and all walking. I picked the middle bunch, running and walking, but it turned out I was exactly between the big group of runners and big group of runner/walkers. Not in a group after all. Ah well, it was exercise and I didn't trip on anyone else's heels.


  1. Oh, Kate, I know what you mean about the crowds. Drives me crazy, makes me nervous. And I'm thinking about going to the RWA conference this summer. That should be fun...right?

    Even though I am morally opposed to the idea of running, unless it's to, or from something, I think you have the right idea with the exercise. Sounds like a good group activity--you're in a group, but you only have to do one thing--run.

    Good luck, and congrats on your embarrassment of riches--er, agents. :)

  2. I don't mind crowds too much if I don't know anyone. What I don't like is crowds with people I know mixed in, and I'm always looking around to see if I know anyone, and if I said 'hi' to them.
    The exercise club sounds like a good idea.
    I like my gym class, but I started going to the local pool too, and I love swimming laps - it's very zen.

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun. Running and walking. I didn't know they did such things. That's how far I am living under my rock.

  4. I hate running, but there is no denying the health and social benefits of training in a group. Good luck!
    (Thanks for the birthday wishes, too! :) )


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