sbd part two--and this made my day last week

My Samhain editor said she was "thrilled to offer me a contract." Can you beat that with a stick? Answer: no way. I'm signing the contract just because I wanted to be able to write that in my blog...well for other reasons, too.

But honestly.
Thrilled to offer me a contract. Jeepers.

* * * *

Today's green for the obvious reason. Alas, this is the first year I didn't have a kid running around frantically looking for a bit 'o green to wear to school. They're all grown up, practically.

I get to go unashamedly green in here because my granny was Anna Morrison McCann. (We'll just pass lightly over the fact that she was actually Orange Irish.) Never met the woman. She died when my da was a wee laddie of four.

Okay how about this--I earned the green font because I worked at an Irish owned bar in Boston (Donny Hammond was the owner. And an Irish bar in Boston is more Irish than any in Ireland. Maybe even than some in New York). That's where I learned how to clean up green beer vomit so it doesn't stain the linoleum.


  1. Tracy MacNish9:34 AM

    I'm thrilled to offer you my congratulations!

    Oh, and re: your comments on my blog, Kate, darling, the reason you are convinced you're fabulous is because you ARE.

    Our only difference is that you get that blissful time to think all is well - I am just certain it's not all along, and am sometimes pleasantly surprised.

  2. HEY LOOK! Tracy (who has every right to be) isn't annoyed! Now that's a relief.


  3. Congratualtions!!!
    And luck o' the Irish to ye, my dear!

  4. Thanks Sam, but I hope it would be luck from a different batch of Irish than the ones I'm related to.

    The only two I know of are my grandmother, Anna, who died when she was 24 and her uncle? great-uncle? who was hanged as a horse thief when perhaps he hadn't actually done it. He was a petty thief and gambler but not that time--or so my father said.

    (I seriously don't know any other stories from that branch of the family.)

  5. That is such a coincidence. My great-great grandfather (my grandmother's grandfather, so this is from her tales...) was Scotch and was arested for horse thieving. They were going to hang him, but decided to send him to the penal colony in SC instead. So off on a prison ship he sailed. He caught sigth of land and jumped ship - swam to shore and ran away - an escaped convict, but free. He had nine kids, one of whom was my great-grandmother.

  6. Oh, and his name was Battileon Fitzpatrick - everyone called him Battle.


  7. Congratulations! Awesome awesome, well done you!

    I used to haunt The Green Dragon and loved it! But you've just put me in mind that I'll have to away to Dublin to compare the fun of the two. But TGD was awesome - anyone in Boston must have a pint there.

  8. Congratulations. Maybe it's green because of all the money you'll make from your new book!

  9. Way to go, Miss Kate.

  10. Tracy MacNish9:59 AM

    Oh, and I forgot to ask:

    What's Orange Irish?

  11. Protestant, in other words, practically English in the eyes of their fellow Irish. Here's an explanation sorta,

  12. PS thanks for the congrats, guys!

    and Sam, you and I aren't the only ones admitting to bad-boy ancestors. Do you suppose in a hundred years or so people will proudly point to an ancestor and say "he was a professional car thief! Worked in a chop shop even!"


  13. Hey -- mega congrats on the new sale, MizKate! That's excellent news... :)

  14. Goodly news. Congratulations.

  15. I had this great-great-uncle, Chaim O'Sobitsky. Does that mean I can go unashamedly green, too?

  16. And congratulations to Summer :)


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