how much an hour?

See everyone is outraged about the moral question. I just wanna know what the hell do you GET for 5k an hour? I mean at those prices, I'd want something life-saving or at least life-altering. If I'm going for purely decadent, how about an operation that allowed me to eat chocolate without consequences?

If not life-altering, then for sure I'd want to get more than a couple of hot-babe induced cums. At those prices she should at least be cleaning his clocks and his house and maybe balancing his checkbook and ....
oops.... wife shit.

and also, come to think of it, hard to manage in a single hour by even the best professional.


  1. I don't know if (as teh wife) I'd be more outgraged at the sex or the price.
    I can just see myself saying "Five thusand dollars? OK buster - let's see - we've been married twenty years, had sex at least five times a week, you do the math. I want that amount in my checking account tomorrow or I'm going to make sure you Never have Sex Again."
    And I'd have probably said that on camera, during his abject apology.
    But these political wives are all so long suffering and understanding.
    Of course, if it's a fad, then maybe she'll be running for president soon.

  2. Five times a week? Five times a week?

    Whenever I complain, my wife likes to remind me that the average American couple has sex once a month. I think those stats figured in a whole lot of nursing home patients.

    What would be worth $5K to me? Nothing that could be accomplished in one session, that's for sure.

  3. FIVE times a week? Well, there was that first year but . . .


    Once a MONTH? Hmmm. When the kids were small . . .I remember when my third niece was born my brother (13 years older than me) mumbled something about immaculate conception. I didn't get it at the time.

    I keep thinking things like "maybe I should get a new mp3 player. That's only about five minutes of Kirsten's time."

    I have a new currency!!!

    I can't believe Spitzer resigned though. Jeez. A REPUBLICAN would have held on! HEEEE would have blamed his enemies, the police--everyone else in the world for it--and eventually everyone would lose interest in him.

    Weenie Eliot. No scandal staying power.

  4. I'm in the wrong damn business.

  5. I love that "No scandal staying power."

  6. All I could think of, and yes when I think I have a southern accent, was that is some outrageously priced poontang.

  7. Or some spectacular poontang.

    I think y'all should pony up $5k and I'll conduct a thorough investigation.

  8. Dean--kind of like Kris Starr and the pink bikini fund raising event? That what you're thinking?

    Hmmmm So, y'all wanna spring for the cash so dean can find out if high priced poontang (said in southern accent, natch) is worth it?

    You'd have to write a thorough investigative report. And I'll bet Kristen's prices have gone up, too.

    Might not be worth it, even for your undeniably great writing, Dean.

  9. Yeah, now there's a thought. A fundraiser. You're brilliant, Kate. Brilliant!


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