Summer's Suffering

It's those pesky plot and character things--they keep sucking up all the words and getting in the way of sexxx. I keep forgetting that's Summer's hot, and I have to go back in and spread seeds of awareness and arousal and tension and blah blah blah. If characters can't actually toss off their clothes and get at it, then maybe I'll have to add flashbacks to hot and heavy scenes when characters are out and about in public. Interspersing loaded moments into a conversation about soup. Yo, it's important soup, okay?

But honestly, poor Summer can't remember to maintain tension. My current story is about 60K in and I realize no one's had a single thought of sex or bodies for twenty pages. Twenty whole pages--ten of those without sensuality, even! Even the non-Summer stuff doesn't go that long without a wink or a nudge or a pant or something.

I can only do so much with the layering (larding, one might call it). Someone better get turned on or this will never get the Summer Seal. And since Kate doesn't seem able to sell, Summer's carrying the water around here.

No, this isn't going to be yet another tired and tiresome whine about the escalation of sexxx in boookkks. Today isn't a day to kvetch about menages/mandatory butt sex/shackles for fun etc again. I'll save it for another occasion.

Right now I have to write an orgy. A subdued event--and only brought on by the terrapin soup.


  1. Soup talk is much more important for building a relationship than sex, sex, sex! Damn it, why can't people realize that? Does the couple have to talk about how they'd like to smear that soup all over each other and slurp it off to keep readers happy?

    Can you talk about how he'd love to put her to bed when she's sick and feed her soup and cuddle her? Is cuddling sexy enough?

    Well, while you're stuck on the sexin', I'm stuck on the Big Finale, Overthrowing the Bad Guy part of my desert story. I have a number of scenarios that would get the hero into the palace, but nothing yet that would cleverly extricate both the hero and heroine AND overcome the baddie's evil plan. Nothing. Nada. Zip. And I knew this was coming. As I was merrily writing the first two thirds of the book, I could hear the little voice in the back of my head saying "You're not going to know what to do when it comes down to the wire. you never do. You'll paint them into a corner, be stuck and need to ask Kate to read and give you some kind of idea of how to pull out of this."

    Did you get the hint just then?

  2. Sorry. I'm still stuck in my own soup. Thigh high and rewriting before I even write.

    Just make the escape related to something clever he did or saw or heard in chapters one, five and seven, okay?

  3. Actually something occurred to me by the time I woke up this morning. Remember the story by Uncle Remus in which Br'er Rabbit begs him to do anything with him except throw him back in the briar patch? I'm working that angle, where the baddie is lured into the desert by certain promises, and once our hero is on his own ground...

    I love how your subconscious can often work things out if you just give it free rein.


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