lunch incident

~warning, not for the easily grossed~

Mmmm, salad out at a restaurant! Crunch crunch....pituoee--hey what's that weird bone-like thing?

First thought: Omigod, is that....that a tooth?
Second thought: How gross! I sure hope it's not someone else's tooth in MY salad.
Third thought: Wait, maybe I actually do hope it's someone else's tooth in my salad.
Fourth thought: Please let it be someone else's tooth in my salad.

It wasn't. Hey, at least it doesn't hurt.


  1. Oh darn! I hate when that happens. I broke a tooth not long ago. You're lucky it doesn't hurt - the nerve was exposed on mine and I RAN to the dentist's office! LOL! Thank goodness he was able to take me on short notice.
    I hope you got it fixed! Our dentist has some sort of glue cement stuff - amazing.

  2. I'll be willing to bet, when you go to get that fixed, the dentist will ask all serious how it happened and you'll say "It fell out when I was eating a salad." and he'll give you a look that says You liar.

    It happened to me. He then said, "I'm used to this happening with toffees, not lettuce." and I thought, what - you see a size sixteen and think I'm some salad dodger?? And then I punched him.

    nah, not really, but wanted to.

  3. Not only did my dentist not snicker at my salad story, he slapped that tooth chunk right back in place. Probably won't take but worth a try, he said cheerfully.

    And I owe you a HUGE THANK YOU Sam! It wouldn't have occurred to me to take along the tooth chunk if you hadn't mentioned the cement. I might be spared a crown etc if this holds.

  4. Dang. Salad? Nothing is safe. At least you have the part. I swallowed mine thinking it was some ornery food.


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