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I had nothing to say but it's my day to post over there. Amazing how easy it is to find something newsworthy to put up...took less than a few minutes of hunting and then I was off and babbling for a couple of paragraphs about that study that points out that men who help with housework get more sex. Major, major duh. Here are some other studies coming our way:
Dogs that are brushed shed less. People who drink too much coffee get the jitters. Heavy grey clouds often contain rain.

Here's real breaking headline news:
My boy who just took the driving test passed. Oh. Golly. Oh, my gosh. Oh. Heavens. Shit. Wow.


  1. Suddenly I had a vision of him coming through the garage door. In the car. With the door closed. Tell me I'm wrong.

  2. My twins passed their driving test at the same time.

    My car has so many dents, dings, and scratches in it now. (2 years later)
    I'm only thankful the boys don't have any scratches.

    I did throw a fit in the parking lot of a supermarket once and made my son get out and let me drive - be was being stoopid.

    Anyway - good luck!!!

  3. We don't have a garage. That's the only hitch in your picture, CD. The last place we lived had one and I managed to scrap my driver's side mirror off with the doorway.

    Luckily my kid doesn't like driving very much (strange, but true) so the license shouldn't make too much of a difference. I hope. Gah. Yikes. Actually it makes a $1,359 annual difference.

  4. That study? I should be getting laid three times a day. Life isn't bloody fair.

  5. Doug: Right on brother. (see my entry under "six word autobiography" in Kate's blog. Sums it up.

    Kate: Daughter got her licence a year and a half ago. Two fender scrapes from car parks. One front-and-rear-end collision not her fault so we didn't have to pay for the panelbeating. Ms Canada's son got his licence last year. Left her car on a slope with insufficient handbrake. It rolled down into another car. Thousands in damage to both cars. Fortunately, on a technicality, because he wasn't actually driving it, the extra repair excess you have to pay if an under-25 has an accident didn't apply. (Cost: $500 instead of $2000).

    My son is learning now. 6 months till his test.

    Oh Golly. Oh Gosh etc...

  6. Nope, doug and john it isn't fair but don't let that stop you scrubbing out that toilet anyway. mm'kay? Good.

    I don't think the fact that my husband helps around the house increases his chances at getting laid--on the other hand if he didn't clean, the numbers of sexual encounters would go down. Definitely un-bloody-fiar.

    Hey about the driving...Every single kid has an accident, right? so it's just a matter of waiting to see if it'll be a traumatic one or a 'roll down the hill with no parking brake' kind. Six months of semi-sanity left, John. tick, tick, tick . .


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