YIKES! Karen's page is suspended. I suspect it's related to the fact that she published a whole kinda dull document from NCP's publisher--a letter that had been posted on a private loop and clearly labeled "not for public consumption" No surprises why it had given that label. It was nothing a businessperson would want outsiders to read. Or really, insiders. Or really, anyone. (Speaking as someone who tends to write first, think later, even I have to wonder why'd she write it at all?)

Although selfishly speaking I'm glad to find out anything I can about every publisher out there, it's actually sort of reassuring that even in yahoo or other closed groups, privacy rules hold some power, after all.

We'll have to fall back to the standard old-fashioned methods for sheer dootbrainedness to leak to the public--back to rumor and innuendo. Heck, if it was good enough for our ancestors!

Update: Okay now three people have told me that Karen's server does the "suspended" notice now and then. This might be yet another instance of me jumping to conclusions. All this jumping, my legs're getting tired. At least today the entry wasn't composed of Snit and Huffy Breaths.

This time I'm not putting in a picture of Gilda Radner. Close your eyes and see the face of Roseanne Roseannadana (oops, visualize Roseanne for the above post about my tooth) Emily Litella on your own . . . (as in "what's all this I hear about violets in our school? who cares what flowers kids take to school? . . . . . Never Mind.")

Another Update: Yeah, I think I found proof that maybe I was channeling Chicken Little again. Because the letter in question showed up here first and is still posted.

Yet another Update: And then there's this from Karen. Oh. Ah.
(kitty chicken little from icanhascheezburger.files.wordpress.com)
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What are you doing to mark the fifth anniversary of the Iraq invasion?


  1. I'm reading the list of casualties in Iraq since March began. So far 127 people including three children have died.
    Has the US won yet?
    I don't understand why Bush and co. haven't been one, strung up by their thumbs, or two, driven to Fallujah and left there.
    I vote for number two.

    Let Bush, his wife, and two darling daughters (and Cheney and his family, and Bush dad and mom while we're at it) explain to the Iraqis how happy they should be now they are liberated.

    And now I better think of something else before my blood pressure goes through the roof.

  2. Occaionally when you click on Karen's blog you get the "account suspended" notice. She usually has it back up and running by the next day. Don't know what the problem is but I think maybe it has nothing to do with content.

  3. Yeah, Sam, it is enough to raise any blood pressure. Five years--that's a long, long time to live in hell. I'm going to a candle-light vigil.

    Bonnie, Jeezzzzz. I don't want to have two weeks in a row of me posting something stupid and wrong. (On the other other hand, I don't want Karen to be suspended so I take it back and I hope you're right and I'm wrong.)


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