someone explain

Tell me how did the Red Army Choir and Leningrad Cowboys fly under my radar?

The hair? Who thought of the hair? And the wowza silly shoes? The Soviet RED ARMY CHOIR? Seriously, someone passed out after a long night (consisting of too much vodka and some kinda capitalist food--say KFC) and dreamed up this band combination.

When I was a kid, the Soviet Army Choir came to the Kennedy Center. The schmaltzy harmonies and songs like Meadowland [performed here by the Spotnicks, another seriously important group I missed] would get any ten-year-old, right? It made me want to turn commie. Just like the Beach Boys and the US Army and/or Navy band got me all choked up every 4th of July.

Their rendition of Delilah is ... it's But I can only paste Sweet Home Alabama here.


  1. That combination is so messed up it's brilliant! I must find a copy of Delilah now - thanks for posting it!

  2. Mon Uncle A8:14 PM

    I just made Brian and his band mates watch this and they were totally loving it. The hair! The hair! And the drummer's on a tractor!


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