six word autobiography

Stolen from Doug and he stole it from Salon.
Sum up your lives in six words — no more, no less.

Here's some of what Doug adds:

This could have been mine:

Too much hair, then not enough.

I want to kick this guy’s ass:

Found my path. Walked it fearlessly.

I love the honesty of this next one. And, yes, it works for me, too.

Frankly, it is all about me.

The ones I come up with reflect a puzzled life. I figure that's what happens when you grow up in a family of smarty-pants and/or overachievers and then marry a smarty-pants overachiever and raise three s-p/oas.
I'm always the last to know.
at Doug's mine was:
Huh? What? You say something?
more reflections of my life:
Urine by toilets, only I care.
The dog and I need exercise.
here's a cheery one for a change.
I write smut; it's usually fun.

Here's my boy2's
all in all, an okay life
Your turn. Leave them below or at Doug's or anywhere. Everywhere tiny pictures of your whole life. Kind of cool.


  1. It's so tempting to rip off poetry for something like this and write something lofty, i.e. "I took the road less travelled" or "I did not live in vain." :)

    Mine would be: Betty Crocker cooking for Caligula's court.

  2. "Pain is weakness leaving your body."

    Yeah, I know I've already used it elsewhere, but it's really, really working for me at the moment.

  3. Found a broken mirror and called it memory.

  4. Please someone, vacuum the dog hair.

    I want to kick someone's ass.

    Life without cake is not mine.

    I try not to break anything.

  5. I'm all Cheeze Whiz, Pork Rinds.

  6. i have a too-much-information one, too, but I think I'll post it back at my place.

  7. Boy 15:20 PM

    Give me all you money. Please?
    I like Hard Rock, unlike Kate.
    born kid school work retire die.

  8. I think mine is: I never expected so much fun.

  9. I'm so horny, Horny, horny, horny...

    (May contain traces of wishful thinking, perhaps not my own).


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