yesterday and the day before post will be the SBD thingies

Today is the day when I reveal how terribly prescient I am. Not.

That thing I wrote about how Samhain is going to go far? I knew about this. Kensington and Samhain have a deal brewing.

Angie announced it (Friday? Saturday?) on a Sammy business loop and then told us to keep it to ourselves. I'm still amazed that all those excited authors managed to keep their yaps shut. Actually I still don't entirely comprehend the implications and ramifications of situation so it's easy to keep my mouth closed. I wannnnnnnnna work with Hilary Sares again. She has the best sense of humor ever, and I do so love humor. No, it's not considered sucking up when the object in question doesn't see (or would that be "feel") the suckage.


  1. They way I see it, although only a select few may be chosen for the imprint program, it benefits all the writers because of greater exposure of the Samhain name. I'm happy to ride someone else's coattails, to be the Billy Bob cousin who uses the family name to advance herself.

    Yay for exposure!


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