I knew her when

You know what? I am so smart it is unbelievable. I should be an editor, I'm that smart. **

I knew Linda Winfree was going to sell soon when I read a chapter or two of her unpubbed stuff. I knew Linda Gayle was, too. I was certain Shannon Stacey would be a good writer just because she's so dang funny.

Larissa I
Dionne (and I didn't even know she wanted to do Le Fiction)
and lots of other people?
I was fully aware that they were all that and lotsa bags of chips as well.
I figured this out just from reading their blogs or their emails. (Okay, I read the Lindas' fiction.)

So someone else I'd decided is going to have a brilliant fiction-writing career has just been launched on her way. Ha. I TOLD you so.

I'm always right, okay? And if I'm not it's only because someone else screwed up somehow, maybe.

In the meantime, Bron, Doug, Carrie--it's only a matter of time. See above, please. (Beth, you too, except for the giving up part)

I'll put in a link soon...like now. Go, Bettie!

**also it takes a fair chunk of talent to make someone else's talent/achievement a reflection of your own brilliance.


  1. Hi Kate,

    Thanks for breaking the "bad news". Best bad news, EVAH!

    Plus, getting disqualified from Samhain's First Line contest leaves me free to root for Doug's entry ;o)

  2. Me too. Go Doug! And congrats to Bettie. I love her work on Bam's contests, even tho she keeps beating me.

  3. Hi Kate,
    Keep your fingers crossed for my agent and editor appointments at Dallas!

    I'm just hoping I won't babble like a fool..


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