holy crap (aka *still* more? Clearly It's PIMPIN FRIDAY!)

Will you look at that? It's out already. I went make sure the cook book link worked, started cruising around Amazon and found my latest Summer is in print!! Hey! Wow!

Doesn't affect your chance to win a gift certificate or two:
The contest STILL ends on June 19. .


  1. Wow, that was quick. I am sure it is going to be a huge throbbing success! Wait... I think I have been reading too many of your books, I am starting to talk...well..ahem...good luck with Revealing Skills. Anyone who doesn't immediately go out and purchase it is a prudish weenie.

    Actually I wouldn't mind seeing a followup to Revealing Skills. I really liked those characters and the setting.

  2. 'Kay, I'm buying, but I'm buying it from Barnes and Noble. Spend responsibly, deary.

    Who's the cover chick, I wonder? She's cute.


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