Paging Dr. Freud

Last night I dreamed my father told me said he'd give me a check for four thousand dollars if I sang a song praising Lorna Doone cookies.

So? Someone out there with a dream interpretation book?

Notes on the subject:
1. My father has been dead for ten years
2. I'm not even sure I remember what a Lorna Doone cookie is like. Crackers, right?
3. My father would not have been fool enough to ask me to sing anything and he didn't tend to give me money.


  1. I'm being plaued by the crazy dreams too. Last week I dreamed I made up the most brilliant phrase. I remember dreaming, "If I can only remember this when I wake up.". So, I kept repeating it over and over in my dream. That is my dream memory method. The phrase was "A pitch in time, saves a fast ball."

    I have this one bird, whom I fondly call a trash sparrow, that can't sing. All he has is this piercing chirp that repeats non-stop. I call him Chi Chi Bird. He is so loud I have to sleep with a pillow on my head starting at 4am until I get up. Some mornings he is across the street in the neighbors's tree. Others, he is in my yard at the feeder. Others I am on the front porch hollaring, "Shut up." This morning I dream I sawed his wings off at the elbows and his legs off at the knees and it didn't stop his Chi Chi-ing.

    As a cheap cookie expert, Lorne Doones are delicious. They are a shortbread (maybe faux) cookie. Ok, I've not met a cookie I didn't like. Lucky for me cookies aren't crack or I would be in deep do do.

    As an expert dream interpreter, I would say you Dad is trying to tell you not to worry about something. Fate will take care of it. Something you have forgotten about will resurface and sooth your soul.

  2. My Mom died 3 years ago and I dream about her right before Mother's Day. More than her birthday or even the anniversary of her death, Mothers Day is not the same for me since she's been gone.

    So maybe it's not about the cookies or singing and it's more about you missing your Dad.

    Oh, and I know zero about dream interpretation. ;)

  3. I'd sing the praises of any kind of cookie for 4K. Especially if I got free cookie samples. I never met a cookie I didn't like.

    Maybe your dad is encouraging you to eat cookies and sing. Sounds like a nice dream.

  4. Anonymous11:55 PM

    Maybe your dad is encouraging you to go visit your friend in Maryland.

    Remember that Frog & Toad book . . . "Hey birds, here are cookies..."

    Hey Kate, I have cookies.


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