What a mess of a movie. The kids loved it. I thought it was too, too much, but heck, I'll take Johnny Depp overplaying himself overplaying a pirate, any day. Lots of silly strange bits that made me think the writers should have laid off the acid. No, I don't mean the crabs and Johnny Depp losing his mind. I mean the pieces of 8 going to the 9 and the hoodoo voodoo weirdness. You know, the basic plot stuff.

Message of the movie: better to live with mayhem than with corrupt business interests (even if they run a tidy, controlled world).

I choose to see the movie as a plea for internet staying out of corporate hands. Let the strongest voices win. So? Work for you?

Fine interpretation--except that every time they had a big scene with a huge set piece, like Singapore or the rocking pirate ship, I thought so that's gonna be a ride at some Disney set up, eh? Bet that rocking, overturning pirate ship will be a ride (buckled in so you don't fall out when it goes upside down), along with the fishy crew ship (probably for the younger crew). All of which sort of ruins the main message I'd picked for the movie.

Another reason I wasn't crazy about the thing, the kids I took wouldn't share their candy, the varmints.


  1. Both my child units are huge fans and were disappointed in this installment. They were ticked about the set up for a 4th. They had their evil little violent hearts set on this being the end.

  2. I have no desire to see this one. Nope...zip...none. I don't know why either.
    Oh and by the way....it is a ride at Disney.

  3. LOVED it. Gorgeous movie. But then I've never met a pirate movie I didn't love. Scoundrels and scum. How can a girl resist. And the end. Did you stay for the small scene after the credits?

  4. You never knew where you were going, you seldom knew where you were, and you were never quite sure where you were when you got there. But it was a hell of a ride albeit through the many holes in the plot.

    I was, sad to say, rather disappointed. I'll wait for #4 on DVD for hire, I think.

  5. Mess of a movie, but I'm a sucker for pirates. And for Johnny Depp when he wears eyeliner. And, day-um, after three movies of looking like a Plain Jane next to Johnny, Orlando Bloom got the full-on glamor treatment at the end of PotC3. My biggest disappointment (aside from the length, the noise, the plot, the acting and the direction) was the mess they made of Chow Yun Fat. Facial scars! Scaly nails! Scrabbly mustache! That shit was criminal. What idiot decided to take a good looking, impossible to dislike actor and bury him in make-up and yellow-peril characterization? Someone should make that dumb exec walk the plank.

  6. Mess of a movie.

    I'm still rewriting it in my head.

    Parts were engaging -- THANK GOD someone finally made Orlando look all piratey. It took you 2 and 7/8 movies? Jeez, guys.

    But, um, yeah. Not a great movie.

  7. After this movie, Orlando's on my To-Do list. Absolutely. Mmm-mmm.

    The rest of it? Utter dreck. Oh, it was horrible. I thought the 2nd one had a sucky ending until I saw this pile of horse crap. Ugh, ugh, ugh! The romance-writer in me was deeply offended by the crap ending they gave Will and Elizabeth! Okay, she annoys me and does not deserve to live Happily Ever After, but dammit, Will did. And he got shafted. Argh!

    ... and I'll also be waiting for 4 to hit DVD so I can yell and throw things at it without that annoying usher person trying to calm me down.

  8. Anonymous5:40 AM

    I love the movie. I think that it is the best movie I have ever seen. I can't think of anything but expect for Keira Knightley.


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