nothing thirteen about today

last day of school! yay! we had a party at the neighbor's house! water fun! Not as cool as the party we weren't invited to, which included a moon bounce, but probably more fun because we flooded the back yard with good times.

I have nothing to add to that. I can't even make a list of thirteen things the boys will do this summer because I'm not sure they'll do thirteen things among the three of them.

I've been cruising round the internet while I waited for my stomach to stop bugging me. Over at Aunt B's I discovered that you can actually take on the Rotten Digestion Lifestyle! Pay good money for appalling symptoms. Oh boy! DIY Dysentery.

Skip the onerous nonsense of diet and exercise nonsense and get alli to do the job for you. Oily uncontrollable poop'll make you stay home or at least decide to wear dark clothes. You might want to put together an "alli-oops" kit if you actually have to go out.

Unbelievably Ugh.

Tomorrow I will take some dog pictures. I have to get the corn dog photo to show to corn dog, dang it.


  1. I was always a Mom (still) who hated being enslaved by the school bell. Happiest words in the world are "school's out for summer".

  2. #1 Son and I used to play a game called Water War - started when he was 3 and out of daycare for summer (I was teaching public schools at the time). I opened a kitchen window and threw water bombs at him - pissed that kid smooth off. But I'd hidden several water bombs outside, plus squirt guns.

    The game started the first time I'd water-bomb or attack him each year, and it became something we both looked forward to until he was like 15 and could destroy me with one water bomb or a super squirter. *wry grin*

    Anyway, you brought back memories with this post.

    hugs, chick...

  3. Well, umm, I'm so senile I don't remember what corn dog photo you were going to show me but I'd like to see one if you have one.


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