I'm going to announce the winners at Bam's place. She wants the note by Sunday, so you have until Saturday night.

Send me your Kate or Summer review or your link to a Kate or Summer review by then (or put it in the comments) and win a chance to get a Thirty Dollar gift certificate to Barnes and Noble, Samhain or Amazon.

I'd say the Pimping this Contest Contest ended last week, but I probably shouldn't. because I did say it would end at the same day as the other contest. No one says I have to pimp the pimping contest. Sure, go ahead enter it. I'll even count your entry as real.

It's a beautiful day. I'm going to go sit at the edge of a soccer field and read some smut. Yay!


  1. Here's Oopsy Daisy's -
    (I'm posting it because she's heading off on vacation and might not see your post)
    and mine is over here at my blog:

    Oopsy Daisy's Blog entry:


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