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What’s with the endless left-wing commentary about Ann Coulter’s appearance and gender?

It’s just as bad as her nonsense--anyone who keeps harping about the Coulter's appearance is chugging down the same vile track she follows. After all, Coulter's the one who goes on and on about Hillary Clinton’s legs and Monica's weight.

I don’t want to hear about her appearance.**

She’s a hate-filled person who attacks individuals who don’t agree with her, assigning them horrible motives, mocking them, and even worse, mocking their tragedies. That’s more than enough reason not to want to watch her. It’s certainly more than enough reason to complain when she’s given air time on so-called “news” shows.****

Okay, enough maturity: Every time I see her flip her hair, I want to throw something through my television set. Which is exactly the sort of response what she craves.

I've put myself on a No-Coulter regime. I shouldn't even mention her here, but I accidentally watched her talking to interrupting and purposefully misinterpreting Elizabeth Edwards. Bleargh.

Good. Got that out of my system. I will now back away from the computer.


**I don't want to hear about her or from her, period.

***At least Maher, who's just as provocative and often as nasty, calls himself a comedian. Coulter's not particularly witty when she does her schtick so that's probably why she has to call herself a pundit instead.

I sort of posted this over at C&L


  1. But Liz turned it around into a fundraiser ;-)


    Coulter Exchange Lends Itself to New Fundraising Drive By Elizabeth Edwards
    Wednesday, June 27, 2007

    Ann Coulter
    RALEIGH, N.C. — Elizabeth Edwards launched a new fundraising effort Wednesday, one day after pleading with conservative commentator Ann Coulter to "stop the personal attacks" on Edwards' husband, Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards.

    "John's campaign is about the issues — but pundits like Ann Coulter are trying to shout him down. If they will not stop, it is up to us cut through the noise. Help us fight back — please give what you can today," Elizabeth Edwards wrote in an e-mail letter that also appears on the campaign's Web site.


    Ann Coulter used to be funny and she had intriguingly different views on subjects. Lately she's been annoying and bitchy.

  2. Yeah, I guess having someone like Ann going after you is better than an upbeat message for the fund raising.

    So tell me, Ferfe, which left wing Brand Name is good for attacks? I mean is ridicule from Michael Moore a surefire way to get conservative people to dig into their pockets?

    Hey! Maybe you could go after me and I could set up a paypal account on the side of my blog. (Save Me From the Evil Right Wing Ferfe! Give me money so I can buy ad space on her blog) We could both profit. Hey! We've uncovered Ann's method!

  3. I try to avoid reading about her, she makes me so angry, but I saw that article, and dreamt about making a list of people I despise. I agree, though, commenting about her appearance is fighting her with her own dirty tactics. Which is lame.

    Where are the sensible right-wingers? I have no problem with alternate views as long as they have reasons behind them. Heck, I think I'm a fiscal conservative and a social liberal.

  4. Funny? She used to be funny? I must have missed that. Ridiculous, now that I could buy.

  5. I think Ann thinks herself to be funny. Maybe that is where the humor lies. I know one thing. I want to be able to flip my hair like she does. That action right there makes me want to call her names even before she smart alecks her way into a conversation. And that smirk. I practice the Ann Coulter smirk in the mirror. She should hold classes. Smirking 101 up through grad school. But then you have to deal with her personality and as a friend of mind put it "I'd rather clean the kids' toilet."

  6. I'd never heard of her until 9-11. I caught her on TV talking about her friend Barbara Olsen (not certain on last name) who was on the plane that hit the Pentagon. And a plane did hit the Pentagon. She was a little over the top, but not too far out there. I read a few of her books and articles and she's an entertaining writer. I don't have to agree with everything someone says or writes to find them entertaining. I don't agree with Maher or Franken but they can also be funny as hell.

    Ann Coulter has done some seriously caustic pieces against Bush and some Republicans.

    A better conservative voice is Christopher Hitchens.

    In the center I prefer Lou Dobbs.

    But Ann can be very funny. Vanity Fair did a one page piece on her and asked some of the rudest, most outrageous questions. She deflected them very well I thought. She can laugh at herself. But lately all her public appearances and writings have been harsh and decidedly unfunny. She's been taking jokes that people like Maher and Franken can get away with and trying to twist them to her schtick and it just ain't working out for her.

    Kate. You seemed bored and I thought I would offer a different perspective to entertain you but I think it just ... pisses ya'll off to have a non liberal posting. It was not my intent to make people angry. I'm sorry.

  7. Pissed off? Are you kidding me? I come up with a great plan to make money for both of us and you think I'm pissed off? (We can switch. I'll be the victimizer if you want)

    naw, I'm fine. Well, my stomach is bugging me, but I have no problem with your posts. And I really do wonder which of the left wing types would be good for fundraising on the right.


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