SBD? sort of?

The contest is over and I posted the results in an interview with the author** over at Bam's. Let's say the little bit that qualifies for SBD is the part about how characters don't stay lodged in the brain once they're on paper.

No, that doesn't count as a real SBD report.

Okay, how about I discovered a bookstore through another website, started talking to the bookstore owner, and now we might actually get a huge buttload of Terry Pratchett books for my kid, but I'm sort of excited, too. The libraries in this town don't have a lot of Pratchett. Actually they do, but there's so much Pratchett to have.
SBD finis.

Back to Bam. Want to find out about the winners of the contest? Want to win valuable prizes? Go on, go comment there.


**I really shouldn't have written it after spending the morning babbling at people. I was rather appalled with my behavior. About a decade ago, I stopped worrying about how I presented myself. It's a good thing to drop if you want to really pay attention to what other people are saying. You can use the "how'm I doing, what'll I say next" energy to listen. but I seem to be hitting another patch of adolescence and it's all about me, even outside the blog. I blame my kids. Heck, they blame me and Mike for their troubles, it's only fair to return the favor.


  1. I made the next round over at Samhain -- woot! And now we're up to line 3, the line that's gonna squick out all those editors who cringe at the thought of their doctors *gasp* thinking impure thoughts when they do a hooha check.

    If I can only survive to line five, I've got it made in a shave. Brazilian, that is.

    God himself would weep to see such a perfect vulva.

    Yes, in my hero's personal theology, God is either a hetero male or a lesbian.

    /blog hijack

  2. yay doug!
    now I have to go see if Bettie made it, too.

    Next time you hijack, don't forget to leave a link.

  3. Thanks for the shout out Kate!
    We're a small community bookstore, and are trying to connect people with books. It's all Dan and I have ever done and all we know how to do. Last year the paper did a nice article on our shop.


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