hey, look I have a blog?!

Well isn't that interesting.

Wonder what I ought to do here. Maybe I'll post photos or something later on, after I clean the house. Maybe I'll tell you all about the nasty dog hair balls under the bed. At least as fascinating as an Ann Coulter rant.


  1. I'm blog hopping hoping my nasty dog hair balls will disappear. I do have the swiffer propped up next to the desk though for incentive.

  2. cheryl b.2:26 PM

    Cleaning? What is this cleaning of which you speak?

  3. Cleaning. Ha!

    I did find a use for your blog though, beyond convincing me that two hours writing a post was ample reason to let my vacuum cleaner decorate the center of the living room floor. Your post below helped guide me towards a MUCH better way of addressing my School District's issues. Thank you. Really.

    Getting a handle on things

  4. You mean, there's not supposed to be a thick layer of dog hair and dust under the bed?? I've been using the excuse that it's extra insulation.

  5. Ann Coulter is nothing but congealed dog hair. She is not a person.

    sjwqvcta - I swear I think that is my V word. I would like to kill these people.


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