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Old news -- more than a week old so ancient. but wow. Just...wow. This rivals his funny-ha-ha search for WMD at that correspondents dinner a few years back.

The mothers whose children had died in the war probably could not have been consoled by anything GWB had to say, but holy crap. I know and appreciate snark, but he might try something we humans call empathy on occasion. He really is amazing. Life of the party hardy har har!!

He didn't give the grieving mothers answers to their questions about his war that killed their kids, but when they were leaving, he handed each of them a presidential coin--and then told the mothers don't sell it on ebay.

No, I don't think that kind of quip is going to help them face their grief, George. I wonder who was your audience for that one? Fellow frat boys?

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  1. I have ceased being surprised by that man's insensitivity. I heard an interview with a 9/11 widow wherein she recounts her story of meeting W.

    She told the president that 9/11, the day her husband was killed, was also her wedding anniversary. Instead of a simple "I'm sorry for your loss," Bush said, "Wow, you got the double whammy."

    The radio story is here ( www.thisamericanlife.org/Radio_Episode.aspx?sched=1152 ) if you're interested.

  2. That's not what could be called sensitive but I don't find it as awesomely offensive because at least it was an attempt at sympathy, maybe.

    Also in that case he wasn't actually directly responsible for the reasons her husband died. And it wasn't him attempting a "hardy-har-har aren't I cute" moment.

    But then again, yeah. Ugh.

  3. I hate GWB and want to sell him on ebay but he would sell as well as drug resistant TB

  4. I was curious and checked ebay--there's currently only one Bush coin and it's going for 2.99 and no one's bidding on it. (4 hours left!)

    I'd check for drug resistant TB, but that would be silly.


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