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Just call me miladyinsanity. I have your contest news here.

Lori Devoti is giving away TWO first chapter critiques from Sean Mackiewicz, editorial assistant for NEXT and Nocturne. If you are interested in targeting either of these lines or just in getting a professional critique, this is a great opportunity. And it’s simple to enter. Just decide whether Lusse from Lori Devoti's June 2007 Nocturne release, Unbound, should be brought back in another book–yes or no. And then your reason for your answer. Keep the answers short, but with a little meat.

Lori will announce the winners on her blog on July 4th, and the winners will have until August 1st to get the chapter together and to Sean.

To enter, email your answer to Lori at
Good Luck!


  1. off topic . . .

    I submitted my entry to the Samhain contest. I'm #29.

    My favorite so far is #23. Why couldn't I have met a woman like that?

  2. By the way, if I make it past rounds one and two, I'm going to get slaughtered in round three. My third sentence:

    Twelve inches from the loveliest vulva he had ever seen –- not that he had seen many, but still: creamy brown, just the way his cafeteria coffee looked after he had added enough milk to make it drinkable; no, on second thought, make that a caramel flan.

    Yeah, I've spiced it up since you last read it.

  3. Sammy does do hot, but heavens..

  4. And I see from tonight's post that you have vulvas on the brain now.


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