If one more person tells me how thin I am and how good I look, I will start in with the "what? you telling me I was a fat slob before? Is that what you're saying? That it? What about when I gain back all the weight? Huh? you going to tell me how much better I looked back when?"

My rude answer to their civil compliment is there, just under the surface. Any time now it'll come out of my mouth and I'll have to flee the haunts of man, like Ophelia Oliver in The Wonderful O after the O's are removed from her name.


  1. Wow kate, you're so thin. You look TERRIFIC.

  2. Why, thank you, Miss Beth.

    [key lime pie and a shower have restored my veneer of civility]

  3. good try though, ya bitch.

  4. Ah Kate I never saw you before so I do know you are beautiful inside!
    And I do know you have a big brain with all your stories you tell :)


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