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from a dailykos conversation about transgendered people:

There is no THEM
there is only us.
Robert Coles, in his work on the moral life of children, says that this is one of the key distinctions between moral and not-moral children: The moral ones know there is no 'them'.

from the same conversation:

person one: A stubborn person with OCD can do anything.
person two: a stubborn person with OCD can do anything except stop.


  1. In my family, he's Bobby Coles. Robert Coles' mom was my dad's godmother. It's true. And when I was applying for med school, my dad (unbeknownst to me) wrote Robert Coles a letter to try to get me into Harvard. (I hadn't even applied to Harvard Med.) Coles wrote back, "I'm sure if your son is everything you say he is, he won't have any problem at all."

    And how's this for a rarity: Robert Coles was the keynote speaker at my med school graduation. Wild, huh?


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