What's wrong with this cover?

it's a trick question.

I really, really like this cover. These people are having fun. No angsty staring off into space, no groping at each other with heads thrown back and bosomsses (his too, of course) heaving. There's physical contact, yeah, but it's not designed to show off any swelling bits. And at the same time, the cover's not ashamed of being a romance. Pink! Red! People who are in looove! (one wishes his hands under his chin showed up better..they're getting lost in the red gooey fog--makes him look armless)

Admit it. When you look at the cover, you smile back at them.

And since I'm already pimping the book (I swear all I do is whine and pimp these days) I'd like to point out that Yolanda has a contest going with a seriously wicked good prize.


  1. Heh, before I read "it's a trick question," I was TOTALLY scouring the cover for the dude's third nipple.

    I agree with you: a very, very attractive cover.

  2. I totally love the cover!!

    BTW, I got an e-mail from Amazon, Somebody To Love isn't available or some such nonsense *cries despairingly*

  3. Yes, that's a cover I'd pick up and probably buy. I really like it.

    (And I really can't understand why some people wouldn't buy books just because of the skin colour of the cover models...)

  4. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Dont' they call that "pegging?"

  5. You're right......it's just a great cover =)

  6. call what pegging, anon? pimping? pegging...hmmmm

    Hey KAREN SCOTT, that's it. Give me your address and I'll send you the damn book.

  7. OOOh Thank You Jesus!!! I'll send you my snail mail!!!

    Is there anything you can do about Amazon not having this book in stock? It seems to me that I can't be the only non-US person trying to purchase it.

  8. I think perhaps the only thing I can do is write a major bestselling novel and then my backlist will be reissued.

    I'll get to work on it right away!!!!! (if only...)


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