I want my $30 gift certificate

So I'll pimp Doug's Bad Sex Writing contest. He gets all complex and involved at his website--goes on about ENTs**--which must have skeered off the usual suspects.

Here's what you do for the New Sex contest.
1. Write bad smut. You want it to be as bad as (or if posible, worse than) these bits 'o smut.
2. Make sure it's 200 words or less.
3. Post your smut at Doug's site where his ten-year-old will NOT read it.
4. Wait for your prize, which will be better than sox, even.


** I'll have you know that I can say otalaryngologist. Can't spell it. I know about the word because Boy 1 had ear tubes at age 11 months. He had the operation over his mother's dead body--so I must be a zombie which explains a lot, especially tonight.


  1. Thanks, Kate. You may be right about that dumb ENT preamble. Think I'll post a reminder tomorrow, sans bullshit.

    Looking forward to your entry!

  2. no, no, no! You might want to make a new separate contest post, but I love the explanation of the stupid word. ENT

    I read Stiff (a fun book about corpses!) and thought of you. You got to disect heads in chicken roaster pans.

  3. oh. REMINDER. got it.
    My head is on the verge of exploding--that's today's excuse.

  4. Omigod, more twin foo! My head has been on the explosion precipice, too (although not for the same reasons as you).

  5. Better then sox? I don't know......Sox are pretty fucking bad-ass if you ask me....

  6. Fucking Bad-ass! That's how I should market them. BADD ASS! I like it.


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