The stage I loathe (about writing)

I'm going to stop haunting the pundits' sites and just scan the headlines for a time. I have to focus and riot--the holidays are coming along any minute and nothing happens around here when they strike.

Just now I have three things sitting on my computer.

1. A book that's closest to done but that I'm fairly sure I loathe. I think. This is the standard stage for many writers and I'm not very worried--though I despise this one more than usual. Someone pointed out (rightly) that is very much like my first book, Somebody Wonderful. DAMN! A one trick pony. That's okay if you write profound works of art but if you're a fluffster, no way. It might be okay with the numbers but not with what passes for my writer's soul these days. I want the book out of here.

2. A book that's a lot of fun to write. It's got an drunken sot of an heir (Little Lord Fakeleroy as Hilary put it), a hero who has panic attacks and is a liar and turns out to be something of a troublemaker. The heroine is still rather dull. She's the sensible one but there's no reason sensible has to be boring. I love these people, especially the golden haired Greek god of an heir who is a potential degenerate.

3. Another book that's a lot of fun. Erotica, but with maybe too much plot. Good old Summer Devon. She needs to take a long break in a spa and reexamine what she wants out of life.

Hey, I just found out that a Summer Devon book that's edited and done is coming out on April 26th.

today's essay question:

Which is more disturbing, when an author talks about herself in the third person or when she discusses her characters as if they are real people? Why or why not?


  1. Erm, I'd say it was a toss-up actually *g*

    Booksquare talks about herself in the third person, and I have to admit, I find it quite fascinating!

    If you're an author and you talk about your characters as if they were real, I'd say that was a good thing, however when the fangirls start talking about them as if they actually existed, then I just get scared.

  2. Has to be talking about herself in third person cuz I talk about my characters all the time. Like they're real or something but you know, in some other dimension, they are.

    Fangirls can be scary =)

  3. Anonymous3:07 PM

    I'd have to agree, a writer talking about him/herself in the third person is creepy. Makes you wonder where the writer is. Do we have to wait for the multiple personality wheel to spin to talk to THAT person?


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