Today's Fab Blog Find

by way of Doug.

This guy catches small (and momentous) bits of life beautifully.

Back to bailing the basement. Avast, laddie! Solid ground is in sight! Take heart...Tis only gallons away now. . .


  1. flashbacks of Orlando Bloom holding a cutlass and crying, "Aye, avast!"

    Dammit, Kate! Now I have to go watch that movie again, and I have a CRAPPY copy of it. Fie, fie on you!

    Oh well, I need something to do while I pull out an entire extra-ginormous skein of yarn that I crocheted WRONG. Grr. Why did I want this hobby again???

  2. Deloney came to me via Maureen. If you haven't met Maureen yet, you ought to. She has a wicked sense of humor. She has also read my big mothah book & liked it, so she obviously has exceptionally refined tastes in fiction.

    That's how late it is. I'm putting two adverbs into one sentence.

  3. Thanks, Kate. I'm a romance writer a sense. It's been a glorious November day and that calls for some wine.


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