and these guys are even more like sheep

All of the sudden, Bush-bashing is okay. Facts that have been true for years -- FACTS, mind you, not opinions (a lack of WMDs in Iraq) -- are now okay to blare all over the front page and condemn on the editorial pages. Is it because people have grown more afraid of the current administration's path? Naw, they're less afraid of the repercussions of saying this stuff aloud.

I read this Washington Post article:

"As Colin Powell's right-hand man at the State Department, Larry Wilkerson seethed quietly during President Bush's first term. Yesterday, Colonel Wilkerson made up for lost time. . ."
(yeah, you have register to read the rest but go on. The Post has good stuff, like Gene Weingarten and the Invitational on Sundays)

and part of me was saying well, I'm glad you're finally stating the truth as you see it, Wilkerson, and that whole business of "my loyalty is to the country, not to the administration" is very noble. But why did you wait until NOW to say something?

The real people to admire are the ones who put their careers in jeopardy -- in fact lost their jobs -- back when criticizing the administration or the war meant you risked being labeled "anti-American." Those are the people who knew that real patriotism is often going to make you unpopular.

Maybe Wilkerson was talking earlier, but at a time when the press was too nervous about sending an unpopular message to pay attention? To keep their numbers good, arms of the media need us to lurve them and so will avoid unpopularity (even the tastiest stories) like models avoid whipped cream. It wrecks their careers too. Too bad managing editors aren't all as brave as Richard Clarke. Too bad they pay as much attention to polls as presidents do. We might have avoided a tragic stupid war.


  1. The MSM has finally grown balls. They possess a pack mentality, and it took a vastly weakened Bush Admin for them to decide it was okay to dogpile on the rabbit.

    The real question: why the HELL is it taking the Dem leadership so long to do the same? It makes me want to scream.

  2. "dogpile on the rabbit."

    I'm still picturing Bush's confused or angry furrowed face on a lil white rabbit's body and a bunch of reporters falling into that random tackle-jumps 3rd grade boys do when they greet one another.

    wow. that's a strong image.

  3. I was thinking Warner Bros.:

    "Dog pile on the wabbit, dog pile on the wabbit . . ."

    With Dubya as Elmer Fudd.

  4. I read Wilkerson's comments in the NY Times - very interesting.
    There is so much to complain about in this administration that it's hard to remain hopeful.
    (I tend to gag on that word now, it's been misused so often.)


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