Katrina AGAIN?

I admit it--I'm having trouble staying awake at work.

So I was reading this piece about 42 people who've left the government and noticed how many who were fired (or quit in disgust) had been in charge of the infrastructure of our country.

Here's one of them:

Mike Parker: In early 2002, Parker, the director of the Army Corps of Engineers testified before Congress that Bush-mandated budget cuts would have a "negative impact" on the Corps. He also admitted to holding no "warm and fuzzy" feelings toward the Bush administration. "Soon after," reported the Christian Science Monitor, "he was given 30 minutes to resign or be fired." In the wake of the devastation caused by hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Parker's clashes with Mitch Daniels, former director of the Office of Management and Budget, can be seen as prophetic. Parker remembered one such incident in which he brought Daniels, the Bush administration's budget guru, a piece of steel from a Mississippi canal lock that "was completely corroded and falling apart because of a lack of funding," and said, "Mitch, it doesn't matter if a terrorist blows the lock up or if it falls down because it disintegrates -- either way it's the same effect, and if we let it fall down, we have only ourselves to blame." He recalled of the incident, "It made no impact on him whatsoever." Resigned, March 6, 2002.

How does this Daniels guy sleep at night?


  1. I like the Christian Monitor, I admit I get most of my news from them. They try to report as fairly as they can. It also makes me crazy to read articles like this. I have no idea why Bush isn't impeached outright. What he's done to the US and to the world is a scandal. But there is BIG money behind him and propping him up. *sigh*


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