it's way too cloudy

and normally I wouldn't blog about weather but I swear, if it rains again, I'm going to jump off the roof--into one of the rain-barrels. (We have rain-barrels made from 50 gallon olive oil barrels. They smell lovely when you unscrew the lids. Didn't really use them much this summer.)

Teresa, see how good I'm being? Not a word about Harriet's withdrawal. Nothing. And nothing about Fitzgerald or Rove or Miller or anyone. Zipped lips and fingers.

How about them White Sox?

Ummm. Oh, what the hell.

The celebration of Fitzmas: Tacky, Shameful or Funny?


Saved by the bell pathetic cracked voice of Boy 2 (aka The Actor) who's summoning me. He's home with a mystery fever, poor fish.


  1. By the way, why did you have two comment areas? What's the difference between this comment box and the other one on the left?

  2. two different ways to comment-- because . . . er, there was some reason to do it, but I can't recall.

    Fitzmas = the day that the US Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald will (likely) indict a bunch of top-level Bush administration officials.

    Kind of like Christmas gifts for those who aren't fond of Bush. I've all seen it called the The Fitz-tival of Lights and Bar Fitz-bah. Lots of speculation about who will be in deep water--but it had better be tomorrow. I think that's the drop-dead date for Fitzgerald's investigation?

  3. Yes. Tomorrow it is. This is all very curious to me, since I've been a prosecutor and worked with Grand Juries. I'm not surprised to see it come down to the wire, that seems to happen a lot. But it does seem odd that he made his final presentation to the Grand Jury yesterday and no indictments yet. I'm thinking they aren't coming, but maybe I'm missing something.

    Grand Juries tend to develop a relationship with the prosecutor. They generally want to indict if the prosecutor says so, and there isn't a whole lot of time needed after the prosecutor asks for the indictment. The only questions I remember getting were things like--why didn't we also indict so and so (this would usually be the guy we had to give immunity to in order to get the evidence).

    Of course it is a secret process, so there is probably something going on that the media doesn't know about.


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