two things today

1. Happy Release Day, Shannon!!!!

2. I have to get to work. The mail Briana mentioned is a story that needs revision. Lots of work--pity me. I think I'll drag the laptop outside to work on the deck. Skip the pity.


  1. It's warm enough to work outside? Yikes! Not here, alas...

  2. yeah, it's been glorious weather here in New England for the last few days. Chilly at night and perfect during the day. The leaves are just starting to turn. I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't live here just now.

    BUT check back in a couple of months.

  3. Thanks, Kate!!!

    And my condolences on the revisions. I swear they vary from as-hard-as-writing to harder-than. But you can do it!

    We've had a chilly fog here in NH each morning, then it burns off and it's in the low 80s. *basks in the sun*

    It all comes to an end on Friday. (Not surprisingly, the day we leave to go camping.)

  4. Now you have to post a pic of your view from the deck.

    I changed the Fox News link to a site selling thongs. Now I'm thinking it would be funnier if I linked to the Duggar Family Album page (that would scare a teenager away from sex, don't you think?)



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