Golly, they really do follow each other! (do I mean "one another"?)**

A year or so ago, the cry went out. "Erotica! WE NEED EROTICA."

Publishers must have all recently read the same report about another potentially profitable market because everyone's trotting off in the same direction:

Warner Books announced a new Latino fiction line, Solana, which will publish six trade paperback titles a year, beginning in early 2007. They're looking for "established or emerging authors" of commercial women's fiction aimed at "Latinas who are immersed in the American mainstream while maintaining ties to their culture." Their first title is "B" as in Beauty by Alberto Ferreras. Submit to associate editor Adrienne Avila. (from Cindy Myers)

I know a lot of you have watched these herds of publishers moving as a group one way and then setting off down another path. I've only been paying attention for a few years. Anyone care to guess about the Next Big Thing? YA? Because of Twilight? . . . Naw, already there I think.

So who's usually the one to start the trends? Or does that lead baton get passed from company to company? All this tells me is that I really should be paying closer attention to http://www.Booksquare.com But she's so subtle!


** gah! I hate those rules I always forget [I love the ones I remember because they make me feel sooooo superior]. Thank goodness that forgetting when "one another" or "each other" applies is not a sure sign of being an ignorant poop-head after all.


  1. I think we're going to see more chick lit hybrids. Chick Lit style books blended with different genres. Chick Lit mystery, Chick Lit fantasy, Chick Lit paranormal.....

    I could be wrong though. I actually think publishers are going to beat the paranormal horse until it turns into glue and everybody is bloody sick of vampires.

  2. I think dark Paranormals will grow as a trend because Lynn Viehl's Darkyn series, the book Dark Lover (brain freeze on the author's name right at this moment) Marjorie Liu and others are so good and getting so much buzz. Goodness knows, Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunters continue to rise in sales and popularity.

    I'm also seeing a little trend toward heroines in their 40s. For years there have been a lot of readers complaining that all the books were about 20-something year old heroines, so this could be in response to that feedback.

    Who sets trends? I think it's the author or author whose books take off. Word of mouth grows, buzz builds, more readers are attracted and the sales numbers grow. Publishers see this demand and want to add to the supply.

  3. yeah, but I haven't seen any break out Hispanic novels, have you? I wonder if this is based on some kind of polling?

    And hey, Mary Stella! Are you safe from Wilma? Oy!! What a season!

  4. Kate.......apparently ALisa's first book went for HUGE bucks. I really like her blog too http://alisavaldesrodriguez.blogspot.com/
    I'd definitely vote for ethnic lit (chic or otherwise), YA Lit esp stuff that straddles the YA/Adult line well, and, yes I think they're going to beat paranormals to a bloody pulp like they did regencies *sigh*.


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