aww, no one likes a rat

Yeah, well, I should have suspected that even a nice fluffy rat wouldn't fly in the world of shapeshifters. Those guys have to be MACHO animals--wolves! panthers! eagles! A carnivore of some sort. My shapeshifter is also a lazy party dude. Until he's forced to be a rat to escape, he's only used his ability to take on forms as a parlor trick.

Here's my latest rejection:

letter removed because I didn't have permission to post it. I have to say I don't get why anyone would worry about it being on the internet--seemed like a reasonable sort of a rejection to me. The gist of the problem (which I'm confident I may discuss) is that smaller shaper shifter animals usually don't work for erotic fantasy.


  1. Okay, so she obviously doesn't understand rats ;-)

    Did I ever tell you about the time I had to kiss a rat???

  2. No, but now you absolutely MUST tell. Had to? Come back here and finish this story.

  3. Well, it's not really that much of an exciting story ;-)

    My good friend Mark, passionate ecologist and lover of animals, asked me to look after his menagerie one Christmas when he and his girlfriend were away. They lived a short distance away; I walked down a couple of times each day to feed and water the chooks, guinea pigs, ducks etc, but the pet rat was, well, a much-adored pet. So, Ratty came and stayed with me. Ratty was kinda cute, when you got used to him. He liked to ride around on your shoulder, sit on a lap, etc.

    Mark and his girlfriend are both very sentimental people, and they didn't like being seperated from Ratty, especially over Christmas. So, I was under strict instructions to give Ratty a Christmas kiss from them. So, Christmas dawned, and it was just Ratty and me, and Ratty looked at me, and I thought how Mark and D would be missing him and...

    He didn't turn into a handsome Prince.

  4. ha! that's hilarious! nice one. I've kissed my friend's toes before and all i got was bad breath.



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