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This is really depressing. I know all about book-stripping--I learned about the vile practice at a too-tender age because we roomed with Gavin the Bookseller. Knowing the truth doesn't make reminders of its details any less grim.

Bookseller chick makes a rainy Monday even more cold and cruel.

It’s strip or die, really.

So last Thursday, we stripped nine boxes of mass markets to clear out the bins: fiction, romance, science fiction/fantasy and mystery. No one was safe.

Each box holds approximately 48 books, so around 432 books were stripped that morning. The rampage continued through this week as more product arrived.

Those were 432 books that never saw the sales floor.

I would like to assure you that each title was represented somewhere, that there was at least one book on the shelf and one in overstock, but in the end I can’t.
I’m really not sure. Towards the end we were just guessing.


  1. It sucks, although I was being especially pitiful when writing that. Luckily some brave soul stood up at the conference my boss was just at and asked about another Returns list. Dead silence followed because it was the white elephant in the room, but rumor has it the company is now going to do something about it. Here's hoping,


  2. It's true, Kate. I was once a lowly bookstore peon, myself. And it was really depressing ripping covers off books. The booklover in me was highly offended. *g*



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