Happy Anniversary, Sigmund

Dr. Ruth, you weren't.

From Seattle Times by way of blondesense:

2005 . . . marks the centennial of Sigmund Freud's theory of vaginal orgasm.

Freud's idea didn't cause a revolution in our understanding of the cosmos, but it did set off a debate that rages to this day. . .

Freud proposed that female pleasure and orgasm should center on the reproductive tract. He was aware that many women experienced orgasm through a small but ultrasensitive organ known as the clitoris but dealt with this by declaring such orgasms "infantile." Any woman who didn't transfer her center of sensitivity to the vagina he labeled as frigid.

It was the idea that launched a thousand fake orgasms.

Sex research has shown that about 95 percent of men nearly always have orgasm from intercourse while only about 25 percent to 30 percent of women do. Another 30-some-odd percent of women never have orgasm from intercourse, and a middle 30 percent to 40 percent report having them sometimes.

[I have to cover this because Doug is doing politics and has abandoned sex.]


  1. Kate, I know vaginal orgasm is real. I had one last night. OooooOOOooH! There goes another.

    Thanks for picking up my slack.

  2. Getting serious for a moment. Most women don't know HOW to achieve orgasm if they even know to expect it. Often, they rely on that 'written about' chemistry with their partner to kick in. If it doesn't then the magic isn't there.
    Sex was fun pre orgasm days, but once I figured it out, wowzas.

    They really should cover this stuff in sex ed class. Female satisfaction and how to achieve it. She-O 101. Getting to know your showerhead.


  3. Guys like showerheads, too. Ask your hubs and watch him blush.

  4. Oh Doug, you're gonna make me swing back to your team, I just know it.


  5. “It was the idea that launched a thousand fake orgasms.”

    LOL The reason that’s so hilarious is because it’s true. Freud’s peculiar conclusions, which inevitably had something or other to do with sex and were accepted as fact, had a powerful impact on several generations.

    An interesting tidbit is that he started out as a scientist, with scientific work being his first love. Since there was no real money in that field at the time, he made a grand sacrifice and gave up his dream for the woman he loved, Martha. Basically, Freud became a doctor because of the money. The wealth of skewed sexual facts he espoused over his lifetime was, no doubt, fueled by resentment over what he’d given up because of…yup…a woman. It was poor Martha’s fault that Freud came up with that crap about vaginal orgasms.

    Freud admitted that he was utterly clueless about women when he said: “The great question that has never been answered, and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, is What does a woman want?

    Mmm-hmm. And it’s exceedingly clear to most any woman that the man had NO idea. Another of his profound statements:

    “No one who has seen a baby sinking back satiated from the breast and falling asleep with flushed cheeks and a blissful smile can escape the reflection that this picture persists as a prototype of the expression of sexual satisfaction in later life.”

    Okay…I really don’t even want to think about that. I mean…really. Can you just for even one moment imagine what it was like being married to that pompous storehouse of sexual knowledge? Poor Martha! Her husband made his mark by collapsing the complex lives of his patients into one, all-encompassing theme--sexuality. Aside from having a mother complex (he and his mama didn’t get along), the guy clearly had problems, and generations of gullible individuals paid the price for his absurd suppositions.

  6. Okay, you people started me thinking. And that led to googling. And the googling led to a serious HOLY SHIT! moment when I read this little tidbit:

    Two or three males in a thousand are able to suck their own penises to achieve orgasm and ejaculation.

    WOW! How much you wanna bet these 2 or 3 guys never leave the house?


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