evil time wasting websites.

1. Beth's evil website. Bizarro ebay auctions. Wow.

2. Not really a place to mess around. It's more "drop by and be amazed by the name". Who got drunk and named that typhoon?

3. Amy's hanging with the wild animals at the local watering hole in Botswana real time. Yo. Elephants. Get outta the water, you're mucking it up.

No more checking for Zebras--I should be working. Maybe I'll celebrate SBD later, but I'm not sure. Cruising those ebay auctions took up a lot of time. And restraining myself took a lot of effort....ohhhhh, I want the manly carrot and Uncle Bob's glass eye.


  1. Zebras abound tonight, as well as some big blue bird--I think it's a crane of some kind. Yup, I'm totally addicted to this WildCam. It's better than TV--that is, I think it is. Since I haven't watched TV in 2 years, I may be remembering wrong.


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