oh oh uh oh

Oh. My. F. . .Gracious me.
So much win and lose in the same moment.
My book is #4 in the category!

Wonderful. . . but WAIT A SECOND.
The category should be "romance, victorian" Not this. Ugh!
This book is not a mystery.
There is a mystery in it, but I know my genres and this book is mostly a romance.

I'm hoping that if the Lady Georgie books are considered full-blown real mysteries then some readers might grant this the same status. But uh oh. I don't think so.

Who is the patron saint of authors? I'm lighting candles to him/her now. **


**I have the candles lying around because our power went out last night at about 9 p.m. A drunk driver ***** smashed into a utility pole around the corner.  Impressive accident.

*****In a couple of days, when the outraged reviews come in,### I plan on remembering this unfortunate driver. I will think "yes, I am having another bad author day, but at least I didn't slam into a utility pole after drinking too much." So thank you, poor driver.

###  I'm thinking along the lines of: "two stars! If this is a mystery then I'm William Goddamn Shakespeare."


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